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Custom Options Available
We offer many options to our  standard envelopes or we can  design a custom product to suit  your needs - usually there is no  extra costs for these options. 
Open Long Side Open Short Side Grommets / Eyelets 8, 10 or 12 mil material Weather resistant flaps Velcro Dot Closures Add hole punches Remove hole punches Add Zip Lock closures Colors - transparent Colors - Opaque Color tabs or envelope Special Orders= 300 min
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Call us today or use our web form   to request free samples of our  products. With a free sample - you will feel  the quality, thickness and  durability of our durable sheet  protectors, our heavy duty vinyl  envelopes, and the clearness of  our Tag Holders. Once you feel the quality, you  will know our envelopes are right  for your project.
Product Categories
Landscape Sheet Protectors - 11x17 - Heavy Duty

More Information on our Vinyl Office Products
Sheet Protectors, Menu Covers, Vinyl Envelopes! Providing 100's of vinyl office products, custom and standard vinyl office products. We also specialize in custom sheet protectors and Menu Covers.

Compare our 10 gauge HEAVY DUTY VINYL with others
You Will Notice the Difference the First Time You Use Our Products
Quality American Made Vinyl Office Products

Custom Sizes are our Specialty

  • Product Applications: Vinyl Envelopes

    • Print shops use our large vinyl envelopes to hold print jobs.  The print material is placed into the vinyl envelope and taken from one section of the print shop to another.  When the print job is complete, the printer re-uses the envelope for the next job.

    • Retail clothing outlets use our vinyl envelopes to hold their price tag and clothing information.  Customers place their price tags into the holder and hang them from the clothing and clothing displays.  This protects the price tag from being torn and being accidentally ripped off the display.

    • Automobile and engine repair garages use our color coded vinyl envelopes to store different jobs by priority.  One sided color, two sided color or just a color strip on the top allows the user to quickly identify the contents in the job ticket.  At a few pennies more per envelope, this is an inexpensive option.

    • Comic book distributors ship and store their products in our vinyl envelopes.  Distributors want a professional looking - durable holder to store and ship their books.

    • Various manufacturers package their smaller products in our custom colored/printed envelopes for a professional appearance to their customers. Do you have a small part like a wheel lock hub key? Place it in our vinyl pouch with your part number stamped on it for easy access by the customer.

  • Product Applications: Sheet Protectors / Page Protectors

    • We carry THOUSANDS of sizes of Sheet Protectors.  Having a hard time finding that one particular size?  We have it!

    • The military (Air Force) uses our very strong 12 gauge sheet protectors in their aircraft.  The high handling rate of the military sheet protectors causes other sheet protectors to fail and fall apart.  We designed a high quality, heavy duty sheet protector for the Air Force for use in their planes.

    • Standard Sheet Protector: 6 mil Vinyl.  Need something stronger?  Try 8, 10 or 12 mil vinyl.  You will feel the difference. 

    • Options:  Want the Holes on the Long Side?  No problem, want GBC punching?  No problem.  Want 3/8" holes instead of 1/4"?  No problem.  Our requirement for adding options is of the lowest in the industry - 300 pieces. 

  • Product Applications: Zip-Lock Vinyl Envelopes

    • Automobile part manufacturers print their part numbers on our vinyl ZIP-Lock envelopes for distribution to their customers. 

    • Customer ship product in our ZIP-Lock holders.  These are not thin poly bags.  Our ZIP-Lock holders are strong and durable.  These customer want to make an impression on their customer and want to ensure their product will not fall out of the envelope, so they use our ZIP-Lock Holders.

  • Product Applications: Adhesive / Sticky Back Vinyl Holders

    • Over 600 Sizes! 

    • Warehouse labeling: Customers use our sticky back products because of the hundreds of sizes and their industrial strength adhesive.  Place them on shelving, warehouse racks or anywhere you need to place a label or tag.

    • Business Card Holders: Place these on your presentations to customers with business cards inside.  Customers won't lose your card this time.

    • Information Tag Holders - Label boxes, cages, rooms, doors, or whatever you can think of.  This holder will display your item in crystal clear vinyl.

    • CD Holders: Secure holders - Insert your CD, remove the adhesive back and place in a book.  The CD is now sealed and applied to the book.

  • Options: Add eyelets, extra holes, change the opening from the short side to the long side.  Add a ZIP-Lock to a StickyBack, Add a ZIP-Lock to a Sheet Protector.  Just say the word. 

Sheet Protectors, Menu Covers, Vinyl Envelopes! Providing 100's of vinyl office products, custom and standard vinyl office products. We also specialize in custom sheet protectors and Menu Covers.

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